Scientists have found the maximum age of the manifestations of genius

Scientists Benjamin Jones of northwestern University, and Bruce Weinberg of Ohio state University conducted a study and found that when the genius of man reaches its peak. Scientists call this period "the age of genius".

Sometimes it happens that the child has certain talents, which will eventually be lost. As a result the child becomes a teenager without features. However, sometimes Vice versa: if there is no talent in childhood, he becomes a genius to average years.

In the course of the study were analyzed stories from the lives of over 500 of Nobel laureates. In addition, consideration was given to scientists with a world name. It turned out that most discoveries are made in the period of 26 years. The most significant theory and research are carried out in 30-40 years.

Next, the researchers identified the peak of greatness for each of the Sciences. It turned out that chemists gain maximum knowledge for 36 years, and physics - to 39. Doctors make important discoveries after forty years.

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The last interesting fact: over time, the peak of genius is postponed to a later age. During the last century it has grown to six years.

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