Scientists have found the key to getting rid of chronic pain

Nerve damage is accompanied by regular and intense pain. They can disappear for months and be renewed if damaged nerve is inflamed. The reason could be anything from concomitant infection to the banal hypothermia. Scientists in the study were able to rid mice from chronic pain, writes The Daily Mail.

They activated receptor A3. As the trigger mechanism was used adenosine, a natural nucleoside of the human body, with anti-inflammatory properties.

Modern approaches to treatment of chronic neurological pain is far from perfect. They affect the patient's quality of life, about the complete disappearance of pain forever can not speak.

Regular intake of painkillers increases tolerance to them, some resort to narcotic analgesics. A vivid example is the Dr. house of the eponymous series, taking Vicodin to live and work.

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Scientists believe that the new method will change the scheme of treatment of neurological standing pain. Adenosine can be the basis in the treatment of chronic pain.

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