Scientists have found the interconnectedness between migraine and colic

Some people believe that colic observed babies, talk about the problems of the gastrointestinal tract from them. Conducted by scientists from the U.S. the study found the interconnectedness between migraine and colic. Statistics say that one and 5 babies suffering from colic. Symptoms of colic following: anxiety and cry, often at the same time. Meanwhile it was found that the reason for such behavior may become a migraine.

The study involved 208 people aged 6 to 18 years. Everyone involved in the experiment, children and adolescents were observed headache, with the result that they became patients in three European medical centers as of April-June 2012 year. The control group, which participated in the study consisted of 471 children in the same age category. They all visited the emergency Department.

Researchers analyzed the medical charts of children participating in the experiment, and in addition they conducted a survey of their mothers. In the course of the research it was found that those children who suffered from colic, were 7 times more prone to migraines than children who have similar problems were observed.

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The fact that the experts identified a specific headache - pain voltage. Held earlier research has not established a link between colic and headache in humans because of its manifestations was not so obvious. However, past research work has found that mothers who suffer from migraines often give birth to babies suffering from colic in the gut.

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