Scientists have found the ingredient that causes a feeling of fullness

Special ingredient can help people in dealing with excess weight because it causes a feeling of satiety, was established by American scientists. This is stated in the press release of the Chemical society of America.We are talking about the methylcellulose - white powder, which can completely dissolve in cold water, and when heated, the liquid takes the form of a gel and becomes gelatinousness substance. This thickener is widely used in the food industry, but until now never been used to stave off hunger.

Volunteers who took methylcellulose in the updated version, felt the decrease feelings of hunger. The feeling of fullness lasted for two hours at least. And when approaching the next stage of the meal, the amount eaten by the subjects of food, as the number of absorbed calories significantly decreased.

The methylcellulose in a modified form takes the form of a gel substance, heating up to body temperature. This substance before moving into the small intestine is delayed in the stomach.

Researchers believe that their discovery may include in the list of food items belonging to the category of so-called "cold". This category includes such foods soft drinks and yoghurts.

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