Scientists have found the genes responsible for the shape of the nose

Genetics from the UK set: the shape of the nose determines the combination of four genes. For features chin is responsible only one gene. A researcher from University College London Andres Ruiz-Linares found: all racial and individual characteristics associated with the structure of the nose depend on the genetic set.

In the experiment, was attended by 6 thousand volunteers from Latin America. The shape of the nose and other facial features of people, scientists have identified 15 characteristics. Later there was carried out the genetic analysis.

The study was able to identify five genes responsible for the shape of the nose and chin: EDAR, PAX1, DCHS2, RUNX2, GLI3. The first gene determines the size of the chin, the other four – over features of the structure of the nose.

Research in this direction, said Ruiz-Linares, will help scientists understand how changing the appearance of a man in the process of evolution.

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