Scientists have found the genes responsible for the development of obesity and schizophrenia

In recent studies, British scientists have discovered genes that increase the likelihood of obesity and schizophrenia. This required to explore the genome more than 10 thousand people in the UK. In addition, the researchers took into account gender and social status of the subjects.

It turned out that changes in the genes MC4R, CRHR1, and SNORD115 affect the likelihood of weight problems. The SNORD115 gene mutation also leads to the occurrence of the disease is Prader-Willi. Clinically this is manifested in increased appetite even in well-fed state. People with this disease in the vast majority of cases have expressed the degree of obesity. Mutation of another gene (NLGN2) increases the risk of developing schizophrenia.

Note that not only genes influence the development of diseases described. Much more important is the lifestyle and environmental factors.

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