Scientists have found the gene responsible for the development of muscle weakness in alcoholism

Experts from the University Thomas Jefferson found the cause of the development of muscle weakness in people suffering from alcoholism. Partly for this syndrome is to blame Mfn1 gene. When the alcohol gene expression is disrupted, causing the pathology of mitochondria. As a result, the body does not receive sufficient energy, writes the Journal of Cell Biology.

Now in the treatment of alcoholism doctors will pay attention not only on the main link, but also on the phenomenon of muscle weakness. The discovery pushes scientists to develop new methods of treatment of diseases of the neuromuscular system.

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It is believed that alcohol impairs the metabolism in the human body. The first to suffer the mitochondria. One reaction is the fusion of the two mitochondria into one. The mechanism protects the genetic apparatus of mutations and depends on the activity of the gene Mfn1. When alcoholism gene activity falls, and mitochondria lose the ability to merge. This increases the number of mutations.

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