Scientists have found the gene of diabetes of the 2nd type

Modern methods of genome studies have helped scientists identify the gene ACSL5 partially responsible for the development of diabetes of the second type. The presence of one of the variations of this structure will help in the future to prevent the development of disease in an entire group of people.

Diabetes type II diabetes is a disease associated with several causes. The most important role in the prevention of diabetes plays a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. Type II diabetes generally like to call a "disease of the old and lazy." So for the most part prevention is in the hands of the man himself.

However, there is a genetic predisposition to the disease. If diabetes severe had my grandmother, parents of the child, and the child will be a high probability of developing diabetes in the elderly. In this case, just blame the genes.

Yet effective and safe techniques to intervene in the human genome. Therefore, physicians are recommended to follow the simple rules: eat healthy, move more and regularly undergo a full examination.

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