Scientists have found the gene of brain tumors

Physicians from the center Cedars-Sinai found a group of genes responsible for the formation of certain brain tumors. There are certain types of oncological process, the treatment of which is almost impossible. One of these tumors – glioma, it leads to death in almost 100 cases.

Scientists have deduced the genes of the ETS family in a hotel group. Note, these genes has long been associated with the occurrence of cancer process in humans. Now the experts have directed their efforts to change and lock ETS genes. This will avoid the development of gliomas.

"In our study, the purpose of which is the discovery of new methods for therapy of brain tumors, we will try to develop a way to lock the genes of the ETS group. And if this can be done, the medicine will greatly extend the life of patients diagnosed with a malignancy," he said Jochum Breunig, head of the research group.

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