Scientists have found the gene for myopia

Vision some people begins to fall at an early age, others to old age see well and do not use glasses. Scientists have found that one of the factors that affect visual acuity, is the APLP2 gene. One of its variations, coupled with reading books or working with small parts in childhood gives a high risk of early myopia. This is confirmed by the results of research scientists from the Medical center of Columbia University with the participation of 14,000 people.

Carriers of the gene in childhood do not read books, additional risk had. Scientists suggest that variation of the gene leads to elongation of the eye compared to the norm. Lengthening it is not so significant, but is able to create additional background for the occurrence of myopia.

The risk of myopia in other variations APLP2 remained at the same level. Scientists hope to overcome the myopia in the near future, but it will require great effort and much time.

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