Scientists have found the explanation for the endurance of the Himalayan Sherpas

Scientists were able to figure out what is the reason for the endurance of the Sherpas and their quick adaptation to the conditions of the mountains. In the Himalayas hundreds of years living in the vicinity of Chomolungma, the majority of working guides for travelers. Even being at high altitude, they do not experience the discomfort associated with high blood pressure. The reason scientists believe special mechanisms control blood flow in their body.

Studies have shown that when climbing the Europeans immediately note the deterioration of health, while the Sherpas do not experience serious ailments.

During the experiment, participants were 80 residents of the Himalayas and the same unprepared for high-altitude expeditions of tourists, it was found a significant difference in the body of the subjects in the basic life criteria. The Sherpas, the body is able to rebuild under various levels of pressure felt much better. Such features of the body great, not only for climbing, but for diving, scientists say.

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