Scientists have found the cause of the death of Richard III with the help of computer tomography

Computed tomography is one of the main methods of radiation diagnosis. Usually it is used for diagnosis of living people. British experts have analyzed the remains of the king of England, Richard III, found during the excavation of a car Park in Leicester.

It is known that the monarch was killed in 1485 during the battle at Bosworth. However, until recently it was impossible to establish which of injuries became Richard III deadly. That is what scientists from the University of Leicester and tried to learn.

Scientists used modern technologies of medicine and used computed tomography. It was found that Richard III was sentenced to 11 wounds. Two wounds were found in the lower part of the body, the other nine stab wounds were located in the head and neck.

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But the basis of the received data, the researchers came to the conclusion that king Richard III was on the field of battle without a helmet, or helmet in the heat of battle was shot down.

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