Scientists have found the cause of excess weight people under thirty years of age

Representatives of the Association of endocrinologists of Europe for several years conducted research reasons why most people tend to rapidly gain weight after the age of thirty.

Now, experts believe that the main reason is the hormonal change man in the thirties. At the same time, fatty deposits occur even in those who have never faced the problem of excess weight and was slender, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and proper diet to "dangerous" age.

According to experts, women whose age is close to the number of forty, lose their appeal and slimness with two hormones: progesterone and estradiol. The role of these substances in a woman's body is difficult to overestimate. They regulate the intensity of metabolic processes and the possibility of the birth of the child. With the reduction of one of the above substances, slowed metabolism, and the result is a set of extra pounds.

As for the representatives of the stronger sex, overweight at the age of 30-35 years is entirely their fault. The most common causes are sedentary lifestyle and the abuse of beer. Frothy drink is composed of enzymes, which, according to experts, can lead to abdominal obesity, marked by the people "beer belly". Such fat is almost impossible to remove (they twist around internal organs).

To avoid problems, which carries the discomfort associated with excess weight, endocrinologists recommend a "high risk group" two of the most effective means of proper diet and an active lifestyle.

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