Scientists have found the abnormality of the cerebral cortex in autism

Scientists have found that autism begins in the prenatal period. One of the reasons the disease is improper positioning of the layers of the cerebral cortex in some areas. Data published in the New England journal of Medicine.

Information was able to confirm during post-mortem studies of the brains of people suffering from autism. The study was conducted among children 2-15 years. Earlier, the doctors and scientists did not conduct such research.

In the study, researchers found that in some parts of the brain there is no division on cellular layers. The cortex consists of six layers of cells, with different structure and function. In addition, in the nerve cells of these sites was not genetic markers of belonging to a certain layer. Among autistics pathological sites were detected in 91% of cases in the control group areas without differentiation were detected in 9%.

There are areas in the frontal and temporal cortex. Areas associated with the process of thinking and communication. Scientists believe that the pathology contributes to the development of the disease and its symptoms.

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