Scientists have found that white women are more predisposed to breast cancer

Scientists at Oxford University have found the main causes of breast cancer in women. It turned out that skin color determines the manifestation of this disease. Most at risk for Caucasian women Caucasian race. The study results were published in the scientific journal the British Journal of Cancer.

The study involved women aged 50 to 64 years. Experts investigated their life habits and have correlated them with survey data. It has been proven that pic of breast cancer in white women is higher by 18% than that of Asians and 15% higher than that of blacks.

It is believed that all the matter in terms of breastfeeding. Women from Africa and Asia are often supporters of breastfeeding. In these countries the majority of women to feed their children breast. Modern women from the countries of Europe and America cannot afford for medical reasons. To date, the lack of milk in women or allergic reaction to it, the child is not uncommon.

The second important factor affecting cancer process alcohol. In Asia, only every fourth woman drinks alcohol, among white women, this figure is in the region of 77%. In addition, modern women in developed countries often resort to hormone therapy, which is also one of the stages of the development of breast cancer.

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