Scientists have found that permafrost in Russia may be partially or fully disappear

Today, scientists agree that the ice cap begins with a sufficiently high speed to melt. However, what will be the consequences of melting permafrost still not exactly clear.

Many scientists and researchers believe that the permafrost, which occupies a large part of Siberia, half melted as soon as possible by 2020. Another part of scientists believe that the ice will begin to melt only by 2050. Also, it is assumed that a large part of Siberia and adjacent territories after this catastrophe will be swamped.

According to Yuri bad leading researcher of the Department at MSU and glaciology of the geographical faculty of Moscow state University - the effects of melting ice is already beginning to affect many structures, networks, they begin to deform and so on, in order to avoid disastrous consequences need to constantly be monitoring.

Now, however, the most important other impending environmental disaster. Because of the accident in the Gulf of Mexico occurred multilayer stopper, which prevents the normal movement of the Gulf stream. It is this water currents are the main source of heat in most parts of Russia and Europe. That is why after 50 years Siberia can turn either in the icy wilderness, or desert, with hot sand.

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Scientists also report that even if they cease production of carbon dioxide and ozone holes will become less as the temperature increases still will continue over the next 20 years. Mankind can not resist and we have only to adapt to life in high temperature environments.

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