Scientists have found that one of the reasons for the development of endometriosis

Endometriosis is an inflammation of the endometrium of the uterus. The disease is fairly common. Annually more than 176 thousand cases. Scientists at mit have discovered a cellular activity, which helped to better understand the mechanisms of development of this disease, according to Medical News Today.

The disease often occurs suddenly. Pathology associated with the growth of endometrial cells outside the physiological layer. On the development of the disease is affected by hypothermia, bacterial, viral agents, and genetics.

Resulting in the development of pain during menstruation, heavy bleeding, problems with conceiving a child. Usually the treatment of endometriosis is hormones, but this approach is associated with the development of medical menopause. In some cases it is surgery, but doctors often note the recurrence of the disease.

Scientists analyzed the composition of abdominal fluid in 77 women with endometriosis. Estimated protein spectrum. Especially scholars interested in cytokines, proteins of the inflammatory response. The connection is produced during the immune response of the body. The proteins themselves can cause inflammation, even if the infectious agent no.

In the sample fluid was found 13 species of cytokines that are associated with urethrovaginal destruction and ovarian pathology.

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Scientists are trying to understand what causes the body's immune response and triggers the development of inflammation. Will help to understand these processes analysis of tissue samples from the endometrium of women with endometriosis, infertility and serious lesions of the uterus and other organs.

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