Scientists have found that a healthy lifestyle can be "infected"

Experts from the USA have analyzed data on physical activity of one million people from different parts of the world, more than five years using fitness bracelets and other devices to gather relevant information. Scientists have tried to figure out how the level of physical activity of the individual is able to influence the behavior of his family and friends.

In the process of conducting research, data on the level of physical activity was compared to weather information. Overall, the results were quite logical: on rainy days, most people prefer not to leave home, while in Sunny weather the amount of time devoted to physical exercise, naturally increased. However, such peaks of activity was not always directly linked to weather.

It turned out that the case in the presence of friends or relatives in localities where weather conditions at that time favored training. That is, if any nonresident or foreign friends have been able to devote more time to running or other exertion, then he started to train more than usual. It turns out that the propensity for physical activity may be a phenomenon of "contagious".

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