Scientists have found "slobin" in products

Scientists have found links between human aggression and a certain type of products, so now many causes nervousness and irritability found in this behavior is to blame "slobin" contained in some products.

Scientists from the University of California gathered detailed data on diet 945 people, which often showed aggression and irritability. It turned out that for such behavior in people responsible fats . Moreover, no habit, no alcohol, no Smoking, did not impact so much on the behavior as a passion for pastry, cakes, fast food, bouillon cubes, dry soups and semi-finished products containing TRANS fats. The more the subjects were consuming such products, the more they showed negative emotions, from simple impatience to full aggression.

TRANS fat is obtained by heating ordinary vegetable oils, through which missed the oxygen. From the obtained resistant to oxidation mass make margarine, cooking fats. Because they are a cheap product, to meet him in the majority of products of mass consumption. In addition, they formed themselves in a deep fryer.

The world Health Organization recommends that the level of consumption of TRANS fats a day person does not exceed one percent of its total energopotreblenija. In terms of grams - less than 3 grams of fat. While one portion of fries contains 7 grams.

Previously, scientists have carried out research on the negative effects of TRANS fats on cardiovascular system, diabetes and heart disease.

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