Scientists have found positive effects of sunlight on the prevention of myopia

Two studies, published in the journal of the American Academy of ophthalmology suggests that daylight is a great prevention measure children's myopia. From this it follows that outdoor play is not only useful for the development of the child, but also to ensure that this eye disease around the party.

The study, which took part 333 of the child was conducted by Taiwanese researchers. All the children were at school, and school changes they spent on playgrounds. As a control group of scientists left several children who are on school breaks remained at their training sites. All participants were tested on sight before the experiment, and the same thing with them was conducted through the year. As it turned out, the children from the first group that was playing on the street, for the year decreased the number of students suffering from myopia. In the control group, on the contrary: there were more children. The same results were obtained before the Danish researchers.

Scientists are not yet clear how daylight affects myopia. Experts tend to think that in this case plays an important role in dopamine, the high level in which the eyeball is linked to a reduced risk of developing the mentioned eye diseases.

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