Scientists have found out who most often abducted by space aliens

A team of scientists from the USA found that the most frequently kidnapping by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations are masochists. Relevant data were obtained in the result of the survey.

Turns out uninvited guests from other planets, as a rule, prefer to kidnap people who have a penchant for masochism. The majority of respondents reported numerous experiences and experiments that the aliens carried out on them allegedly. Almost all described the voluntary participants in the survey procedures were clearly inhuman in nature and was accompanied by severe pain and physical suffering. However, it is on these episodes respondents tell you with great pleasure.

It is also worth noting that almost all respondents are frequent visitors to psychiatric clinics and are registered with relevant regulatory authorities on the basis of what the researchers came to the conclusion that the favorite victims of so-called "aliens" are persons suffering from various forms of schizophrenia and masochism.

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