Scientists have found out that tooth loss may affect the quality of life

As shown by recent experiments, "Hollywood smile" improves the quality of life through self-assessment. It is reported by the journal of The Telegraph, citing studies Dental school the University of Manchester.

If the person has at least a few of dentures, it does not feel 100% confidence. This fact greatly increases the risk of various forms of stress. Much better feel people with their own teeth or quality implants. Head of the clinic EvoDental, which is engaged in implantology, Rajesh Vijayarajan stressed that many people are upset about the loss of their teeth. This, of course, affects the overall quality of life. Previously, scientists studied as volunteers to respond to people with equal or crooked teeth.

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Participants were given a few shots of people with different quality teeth. As a result, it was found that people with straight teeth 45% has more chances to get a desired job. This experience and skill level does not matter. It was also found that the perfect teeth 58% were more often associated with wealth and success.

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