Scientists have found out that poor sleep can destroy a marriage

According to the results of the conducted research at Berkeley (University of California) became known that the cause of the break up of a marriage can be a normal sleep and even the strong marital relationship can be jeopardized.

The research material was all that relates to sleep. In the experiment participated hundred couples living together for two years. Scientists mainly studied the relationship between arguments and how bad was the dream. Eventually it became clear that many quarrels took place on the soil of insomnia at night.

In another study it was found that good sleep leads to peace and balance. This is the first study, the results of which experts have found a link between restless condition and lack of sleep.

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It is worth mentioning that researchers from Birmingham University found a correlation that occurs between lack of sleep and improper work of the respiratory organs. The results of such studies have found that healthy night's sleep is enough good for heart health. In the absence of emotions and lack of sleep, the risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced by approximately ten percent.

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