Scientists have found one of the main genes of obesity

The gene encoding the protein 14-3-3 zeta plays an important role in the formation of obesity. This structure not only contributes to the multiplication of fat cells, but also their growth. Information scientists from the University of British Columbia has been confirmed in the experiment, says Zee News.

In laboratory conditions, scientists suppressed the gene activity in mice. The volume of white fat in animals was reduced on average by 50%. The rodents ate the same food as before the study began.

High levels of protein 14-3-3 zeta provided a high mass of mice. Reduced level of a substance, on the contrary, did animal small and skinny. The use of excessive number of calories at a high rate 14-3-3 zeta increased the rate of formation of fat by 22%. Scientists believe that their discovery will be useful in the development of new methods of treatment and prevention of obesity.

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