Scientists have found no link between impairments in the recognition of emotions and changes in the brain

Often in traumatic brain injury patients have problems with social cognition: communication, recognition of emotions. Such a person sometimes can not understand the interlocutor and to build with him a two-way contact. The mechanisms and causes of violations tried to explain to researchers from the Kessler Foundation. The results of their research published in Science World Report.

In total the study involved 42 patients with traumatic brain injury and 23 persons from the control group. The volunteers were asked to undergo a test to determine one of six emotions (happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear and shame). In the second stage, the brains of volunteers was investigated using diffusion MRI, showing links in the white matter of the brain.

People from the first group completed the task significantly worse than the volunteers from the control group. In the brain of patients with traumatic brain injury was less gray matter, and the connections in the white matter has not functioned so perfectly. Scientists suggest that these features interfere with the normal adjustment after head injury. The discovery will help in the development of new rehabilitation methods.

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