Scientists have found: male causes the favor of women

According to a study by psychologists Granada University, one smile men enough for the woman agreed to do what he wants from her. According to The Daily Mail, the experiments allowed scientists to trace the influence of male smiles at how a woman perceives his person, and the language of her body.

So, the popular the dominant role of men, which women are more likely to obey. When a man smiles, the work of this system is enhanced. After that, he even allowed sexindia comments.

According to the expert on "body language" Patti wood, most likely, women are largely guided by body language and a smile can be deceiving. Even when there is dissonance between what was said and what makes the body of a man, a woman draws more attention to the body. For this reason, women don't arouse suspicion of the presence of dissonance words with body language. If they see a smile, the relationships appear to be more sympathetic. This is a complex situation and it highlights how subtle sexism can invade into a relationship.

If a woman does not want her manipulated, it must take account of the magical power of the male smile. Moreover, the scope of the working relationship should provide clarification before the meeting of the intentions of men. Because of this it will be possible training. Also, according to psychologists, it is necessary to look directly into the eyes of men and to smile as little as possible.

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