Scientists have found links between criminal behavior and mental illness

Experts have analyzed 429 crimes committed by people with three major mental disorders. Detailed analysis of the individual case revealed that only 3% of crimes were associated with the presence of the offender severe forms of depression, 10% with symptoms of bipolar disorder, 4% with schizophrenia, informs Medical Insider.

Scientists from Minneapolis investigated prisoners with various mental health problems. In most cases, the survey found no relationship between crime and symptoms of the underlying disease. Only one third had committed an offence because of mental disorder. Most passed the line because of poverty, homelessness, drug addiction or unemployment.

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Note that 1.2 million people with mental disorders in the United States are now in prisons and other places of detention. Many criminals are trying to use have schizophrenia as the root cause of crime. Doctors are not always able to recognize the thin line when the information is correct, and when a person crosses the line of the law under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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