Scientists have found in milk pesticides that cause Alzheimer's disease

High concentration of pesticides in food may trigger the development of Alzheimer's disease, say experts from the University of medical science Shiga (Japan). Scientists came to such conclusion the study involving 450 volunteers. The average age of study participants was 54 years.

It took 30 years for scientists to establish a link between the consumption of contaminated milk and the probability of occurrence of Alzheimer's disease. In the last century as an additive to milk was extensively used epoxide heptachlor belonging to the group of pesticides. This substance has on the brain effect similar to Smoking.

According to the results, drinking two glasses of milk with pesticides in day accelerates the death of nerve cells by 40% in comparison with indicators in the "healthy group". Note that pesticides can contain virtually any products. You should be careful when drafting diet, experts advise.

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