Scientists have found human "love hormone" in the blood of domestic animals

Scientists have found that the hormone oxytocin is circulated not only in the blood of man and animals. The fact was opened a long time ago, but now scientists have official confirmation that oxytocin in animals works on the same principles as in humans.

Oxytocin - the hormone of happiness, positive emotions, its concentration in the blood increases significantly. In the experiment, the scientists suggested pet owners to play with their Pets, and then measured the rate of oxytocin from the owner and the animal.

The bright burst of joy was recorded while playing in a pair of "dog-man". Note, the level of oxytocin increased in humans and dogs. It turns out that everyone is familiar with the expression "the dog-man's best friend" has a quite scientific evidence.

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Confirmed California scientists and other interesting facts. The level of oxytocin increases from 50 to 200 percent when the game animal with the animal. The younger the animal, the more pronounced the leap hormone is registered.

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