Scientists have found: Heart optimists are healthier

Scientists found a link between a positive attitude and the health of your heart. American doctors conducted a study, the results of which suggest the following: optimistic and positive-minded people have the lowest risk of developing heart disease, as a feeling of happiness may be favorable, for example, to substantially reduce blood pressure.

As it is well known that stress and depression are directly related to the emergence of various cardiac diseases. Researchers from the Harvard school of public health, it was decided to hold the opposite seek to establish and prove the positive relationship between good mood and health of the cardiovascular system, the newspaper writes "Medibuntu".

It was found that study participants who are most optimistic towards life, in fact, proved to be the most healthy, and the risk of cardiovascular disease optimists have been lower by "weighty" 50 percent. Moreover, customized optimistic people and feeding properly - used exclusively healthy foods.

However, despite the apparent success of their research, scientists believe that the results are insufficient for accurate output. The point here is that the relationship between mental health and heart problems is very complex and needs more careful study.

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