Scientists have found food that destroys the joints

Food rich in purines five times increases the risk of rapid development of gout were identified by the American researchers. This is especially true for meat and seafood.

A group of scientists from the school of medicine at Boston University have found evidence that having a large number of purine foods cause inflammation, leading to gout. We are talking about the following foods: oatmeal, spinach, asparagus, meat, beans, peas, yeast, lentils. As well as seafood, beans, mushrooms and alcohol.

In the course of the research experts during the year was established monitoring the health of 633 people diagnosed with gout. The average age of participating in the research volunteers amounted to 54 years, 78 percent of them were men. Everyone was asked to give a detailed history of gout attacks, including the time and symptoms. Announce the name and dosage of drugs that are investigational used to combat unpleasant disease.

In addition, participants compiled a detailed list of those stimuli, which could in principle trigger a gout attack. In the study, which is published in the journal Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, says that 61 percent of the participants just before the attack consumed alcohol, which is hardly a fundamental risk factor for gout.

Another 29 percent of subjects had used drugs in the group of diuretics, and almost 50 percent used the drug for preventing gout allopurinol. During observations, scientists have recorded 1247 gouty attacks, but mostly in the joints of the fingers. The disease was a cause of severe pain and redness.

The average amount of purines obtained from food, the subjects were generally about 15 g, but in a two-day period (before the attack) he was almost doubled. What can be considered an eloquent testimony to the effects of purines on the development of gouty attacks.

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