Scientists have found differences in the response to stress in men and women

Scientists have identified two main reactions of the organism to stress. In the first case, man is an end in itself, saves internal resources, ceases to communicate with the outside world. On the other hand, show compassion to the world, open to everyone. Publication Time notes, the second reaction is more common for women. The data were confirmed in the study.

Scientists have gathered a group of volunteers, consisting of 40 men and 40 women. Each volunteer underwent a stress test: it was necessary to meet the challenge, or to speak to a large audience. After that, the volunteers offered to take the second test for the evaluation of the ability to distinguish their own feelings from those of others. One of the tasks was as follows: it was necessary to move the items on the shelf on the orders of another person. The exact job was regarded by scientists as taking the perspective of another person. In a sense, this is a certain degree of empathy.

Stress has positively influenced the performance of women in contrast to men and the control group, they were better able to cope with the task under stress. Men good performance during testing could not boast. This is probably due to a more pronounced social life of most women and the differences in hormones between the two sexes.

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