Scientists have found common roots of the formation of the genitals and fingers

Scientists have found: fingers and genitals mammalian animals are shaped by the same genetic mechanism formed in the process of evolution. In ancient times two mechanisms have been a whole, however, the process of animal development has led to the changes that we are now witnessing.

Discovery belongs to Swiss scientists. In the study, we have studied the features of Hox genes, the influence of this factor on the development of the fetus. Hox genes control other genes and growth in mammals. Scholars have identified certain groups of animals have Hox gene, among the representatives of the serial mechanism: initially, a anteroposterior axis, then the fingers and genitals.

The data were confirmed in the study of genotype rats.

"Work the same genetic mechanisms. They trigger the formation of the penis (or clitoris) or the formation of fingers depending on small differences in the functioning of regulatory DNA sequences," says Denis, Dybul, the head of research.

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While it is difficult to understand that in the process of evolution was born first: the genitals in the conventional sense or fingers. More data are needed to confidently judge the intricacies of evolutionary development of mammals.

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