Scientists have found bacteria that are resistant to all current antibiotics

American scientists from the University of Texas found a superbakteriya, resistant to modern antibiotics. Dangerous strain is transmitted by airborne droplets, lives in dust from livestock farms. Further spread of the bacteria creates the possibility of a global catastrophe.

Superbugs - a serious problem of modern medicine. Every year scientists develop new types of antibiotics to defeat another resistant strain of pathogenic bacteria. Due to the uncontrolled use of this group of drugs formed the next level of resistance with which to contend.

The massive use of antibiotics increases the resistance of bacteria to chemical substances. According to the theory of evolution, before the bacteria are not spread by airborne droplets. Now most of the pathogenic strains are transmitted to the air.

Specialist from America collect tests from farms, which use antibiotics. Aim to explore the unknown bacterium and find a way of dealing with it.

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