Scientists have found, as it affects the wine on the formation of cholesterol

Red wine can cleanse the body from the negative effects caused by the consumption of meat, writes The Telegraph. As it turned out, a glass of red wine prevents cholesterol deposits after eating meat.

According to the research results, harmful compounds during mealtimes begin to accumulate in the bloodstream. This contributes to "bad cholesterol", which damages the blood vessels. At the same time, the polyphenols that are found in wine, slow down the process of absorption data of harmful compounds in the intestine and stomach of a person. Thus, the wine did not allow the cholesterol to get into the blood.

According to Professor Ron Cohen of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, due to the consumption of red wine reduces the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system, because the meat itself contains a lot of fat and cholesterol. Proof of this was the study. 14 healthy participants during the four days of eating burgers Turkey meat, while they were not allowed to eat any other meals. Over time, the experiment was repeated, but with the difference that with the meat volunteers drank and even wine.

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The results showed that the consumption of meat for 4 days the level of cholesterol in the blood rose to 97 percent. The results of the second experiment were more encouraging: adding to the diet of wine has led to the fact that cholesterol remained at the same level, and some he even fell.

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