Scientists have found antibodies, capable of destroying HIV strains

Scientists from Duke University as a result of the research revealed in a human antibody that is capable of destroying more than half of the currently known strains of HIV, reports The New York Times. It should be noted that a vaccine against HIV is not received so far, because the virus mutates faster than the flu virus. For comparison, the influenza virus mutation requires one year, and HIV is just one day.

But as a result of the blood of one of the Africans scientists were installed antibodies that had a broad spectrum of action. These were proteins that neutralized the virus particles. They managed to catch hold of all surface receptors that are used to attach to cells. Regarding antibodies with a broad spectrum of action, they have already for several years, scientists isolated, but at the moment they found more than ten.

It should be noted that these antibodies occur in 20 percent of HIV-infected people. They appear on the second-fourth year after the person became infected. But the infection at that time so strong that these antibodies have become unable to do anything.

Theoretically, these antibodies can be cloned to create vaccines that may be effective for newly infected people. In this case, it may be some sort of immunoglobulin, through which the therapy of hepatitis. But such treatment can be very costly to the patient, as in this case, he will need lifelong vaccination.

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In addition, we can conduct the vaccination of healthy people, thereby preparing their immunity. But there are some difficulties, so as to obtain a desired antibody, it is necessary to produce their white blood cells survived 100 mutations. That is, vaccination should be carried out every month in order to initiate mutations. The question remains whether this will be practical, as 80 percent of patients, these antibodies did not develop.

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