Scientists have found an effective method to combat obesity

The solution – change the sensitivity of taste receptors on the tongue. As a result, experts believe, of Dolinskogo University, the person begins to better recognize the taste of fatty foods, which should lead to rapid psychological saturation. Recent observations demonstrate that along with bitter, sweet, sour and salty tastes people can detect the taste of fat. At this factor need to influence, writes The Daily Mail.

The study involved 53 volunteers with overweight. Instead of their traditional diet they received either food low fat or small portions of regular food. Such a diet required to follow for 6 weeks. The theoretical efficiency of the diets was approximately the same: in the first case came from fat quarter of the nutrients in the second – 33% of all calories.

Scientists at the beginning of the measurements at the end of the experiment the ratio of volunteers to the food. It turned out that food with low-fat creates the desired psychological effect and reduces the craving of man to fatty foods. With all of this, both diets had the same effect, volunteers from the first group lost 2,9% of the weight from the second to 2.7%.

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