Scientists have found a way to treat Huntington's disease

Huntington's disease is a pathology of the nervous system associated with impaired functioning of the nervous system. The disease most often manifests itself in middle age. First showing personality disorders, cognitive impairment. One of the main symptoms are erratic movements and grimaces, disturbed coordination.

If the disease is broken speech, people can not chew and swallow. You lose the ability to adequately thinking, perception, disturbed sleep. Possible outbreaks of aggression, depression, panic States.

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It is worth noting that so far the doctors cannot cure Huntington's disease. However, the new drug from the company Prana gives a chance to get rid of pathology. During clinical trials, researchers found that the reception means improved mental abilities of patients slowed the course of the disease. Medication in most cases normally tolerated. Only the study involved 109 people receiving different dosages of the drug or a placebo.

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