Scientists have found a way to transfer text on the retina of the human eye blind

French and American scientists were able to transfer text directly on the retina of blind people. According to neuroscientists who participated in the study, thanks to the new experience made a breakthrough that allows you to open new possibilities for the adaptation of people with disabilities.

A group of scientists led by Thomas Lauritzen, used the device II Argus media was composed of minimizeable, electronic transducer signal and systems, including 60 electrodes, transmitting the signal to the retina.

Before Argus media was II provided the opportunity to read large letters, the height of which could reach 10-20 cm, and recognition of speech in General. But in order to read even short words, it was required to spend whole minutes. So the team Lauritzen proposed a solution that allows you to "bypass" the camera. They managed to arrange the signal directly to the electrodes, after which the reading process has accelerated. Transmission has occurred on the part of the electrodes, the configuration of which were in accordance with the dots of Braille.

Participated in the experiment the patient was spared from having to fumble fingers on the Braille letters, with the ability to distinguish between them, and read with an accuracy component of 89 percent.

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