Scientists have found a way to strengthen anti-cancer properties of broccoli

Broccoli is a really useful product that deserves attention. Not so long ago scientists proved its anti-cancer properties. Experts from the University of Illinois found that the shelf life of the product can be greatly increased without incurring large costs. Enough to handle his methylammonium, non-toxic, vegetable matter, writes CNV News. The substance not only increases the useful properties of the product, but also increases its shelf life without losing all useful qualities.

In the experiment, the scientists treated broccoli methylammonium four days before harvest. The analysis showed that this procedure increased the anti-cancer properties of the product, increased the rate of synthesis of glucosinolates. It is this substance has anti-cancer properties, cleanses the body through the breakdown of toxic substances.

Mutiliation acts at the genetic level, affects protein-receptor, slows down the decay of the broccoli. The toxicity of a substance is minimal, as its concentration in the vegetable.

It should be noted that the modified broccoli with a high level glucoraphanin already sold in food markets in Britain. Glucoraphanin reduces the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer.

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