Scientists have found a way to rejuvenate muscle tissue in the elderly

A group of American scientists have found a way to rejuvenate muscle tissue in the elderly. Data and study results were published in Nature Medicine.

It is proved that tissue elderly man regenerate is not as active as younger people. Scientists believe that the reason lies in the stem cells. Over time, most of them ceases to perform its main function - regenerative. In the muscle tissue is not updated, becomes flabby.

While stem cell research, scientists have discovered an enzyme that activates their work. It turned out that to restore the muscle tissue of the body using hydrogel based on this enzyme. In addition, this connection includes new stem cells that can form muscle.

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The first stage of the experiment on laboratory mice has been successful. Scientists see their large research perspectives. In the future, they believe, have the chance to help older people with disorders of the muscular system.

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