Scientists have found a way to protect the brain from damage after a stroke

Stroke is a disease in which there is a rupture of cerebral vessels. Pathology is extremely serious and often ends lethally or mental disorders, paralysis, coma. Stroke emergency medical care is necessary. Scientists from America found a way to reduce the level of damage that occur in the brain substance in this disease. Information published scientific journal Stroke.

The study of the brains of humans and rats, scientists discovered that there is a protein AcSDK, which has a protective effect on the brain during a stroke. Usually the brain dies due to lack of circulation, compression, soaking in blood. Introduction into the bloodstream of the drug containing AcSDK, helps to cope with the consequences of the disease. The substance helps even four hours later after the rupture of a cerebral vessel.

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Researchers have high hopes for its opening. They believe that in the future it is possible to develop special products, which include the peptide. This will reduce the number and severity of complications from the stroke.

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