Scientists have found a way to control cell skin cancer

Scientists from Australia have found a method by which you can plant cell melanoma on a diet. The discovery will help in the development of new medicines for skin cancer, says Health Central. When developing a method, the researchers used information obtained during earlier tests with cells of the prostate.

The community believes in the universality of the method. This means that the opening will be of benefit to science and will help to win not only skin cancer, but the tumor to other organs.

The mechanism of inhibition of cancer cells is as follows. Normal cell uses glucose as its primary nutrients. The presence of glucose is essential to the growth and reproduction of cells. However, cancer cells behave differently. In their genetic program crashes, and instead of glucose, and it becomes necessary glutamine. This substance is extruded cellular pumps the entire surface of cancer cells from the surrounding tissues.

The blockade of glutamic pumps allows you to enter a cancerous tumor in a state of starvation. A drug with a similar mechanism of action, scientists believe, will come to light in the next 5-10 years. The new technology will enable safer and more efficient to fight cancer of the skin and other organs.

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