Scientists have found a way of prolonging life for 18 years

Almost any person can expect to live 18 years longer, it is enough to observe some simple rules. Scientists have proved that sport, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle increase life expectancy by an average of 18 years. About the study says the publication PLOS Medicine.

There are many factors that can impair health. Among them we can distinguish several groups. The first group – it's bad habits. Alcoholism, Smoking, drug abuse yet no one played good. A sedentary lifestyle also increases the chances of death early. Overeating and poor food – that the third group of factors of premature death.

Avoiding alcohol and cigarettes prolongs life by an average of six years. The risk of lung cancer in non-smokers is several times lower, as the risk of liver diseases – do not drink. If you follow all the recommendations of doctors, in time to be examined, treated and to look after themselves, you can extend your life by almost two decades. It is foolish to refuse such a gift.

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