Scientists have found a way of early detection of autism

According to the newspaper The Independent, the quality test of hearing conducted in early childhood by non-invasive, can detect autism. To date, autism is amenable to diagnosis, as a rule, at the age of four during the analysis of the child's speech.

Now, however, physicians will be able to use the study of hearing as a method of diagnosis of this disease. It is reported that the testing of acoustic reflex by measuring the pressure in the middle ear when exposed to sound, you can set the sensitivity of your hearing ability and speed of reactions of a particular patient at various frequencies.

This method is effective due to the fact that patients with autism, there is increased sound sensitivity. So, even the least loud sound can cause the patient distress. In addition, since the hearing is a fundamental factor in the emergence of speech, then the rejection is imprinted in the interaction of the individual with others in the emotional and social plane.

It should be noted that this diagnosis will provide an opportunity for the correction of certain defects because of the brain of children at an early age is characterized by maximum flexibility.

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