Scientists have found a replacement drugs for treatment of HIV infection

Experts from the University of California have found a decent alternative drugs against HIV virus. New hope will have patients with this disease because of the immunosuppressants used in organ transplantation.

Traditional antiviral drugs prevent the virus to multiply, says Medical News Today, they protect the immune system. This prevents a complete rejection drugs, some patients experience a number of side effects. It is proved that such therapy has no effect on dormant viruses.

As a result, the viruses are hidden due to the initiated inflammatory response. Immunosuppressive therapy helps to relieve inflammation, it creates an extremely unfavorable conditions for reproduction of the HIV virus. These findings came in the course of monitoring a patient with HIV who needed a kidney transplant. The procedure was accompanied with immunosuppressant drugs. After taking medication, the patient became better control of HIV.

The article discusses the drug sirolimus. This tool reduced the number of cells infected with HIV has improved the condition of patients with this disease.

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