Scientists have found a relationship between the means from impotence and skin cancer

Viagra - the most common and well-known remedy to fight impotence. Scientists have found that the medicine is involved in the formation of skin cancer. The risk of developing melanoma with regular admission of Viagra, writes The Daily Mail, is increased by 84%. It is likely that the drug has an effect on human DNA, disrupting the structure of the genetic apparatus.

It should be noted that conclusions made by scientists rather superficial and preliminary. To refuse to accept Viagra if it is needed not worth it. However, if additional risk and predisposition to skin cancer should be cautious about the drug.

Draws attention to the fact that the risk of basal and squamous cell cancer when taking Viagra does not increase. At least, such data give scientists from brown University, referring to the results of his research.

The effect of the drug was studied in 26 thousand people from China. The average age of study participants was 65 years. Even a single intake of Viagra increases the risk of skin cancer. Considered by scientists and additional factors: excessive solar radiation, the presence of cancer among relatives.

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From taking Viagra should be avoided for people with high blood pressure, angina. The drug can cause nausea, heartburn, and headaches.

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