Scientists have found a quick way of treatment of hepatitis C

British scientists from the University of London have developed a new pill from hepatitis C. it Is believed that their technique allows to overcome the disease within three months.

The tool is called "Savaldi". For the first time the public learned about it in 2013. Up until now, were extensively tested. The combination of interferon and new tablets were allowed to get rid of hepatitis C within three months. The percentage of cured about 90%.

Methods used in practice in modern hospitals, leave much to be desired. The average course of treatment is six months, the efficiency is 60-70%, of drugs in the a number of side effects.

Note that "Savaldi" has no pronounced side effects. Tests proved good absorption and effectiveness in the fight against the virus. Mass use of the drug will soon be put on the feet of patients with hepatitis C and in a short time at all to get rid of the disease.

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