Scientists have found a protein that regulates the level of fats in the body

Scientists from the University of southern California analyzed protein Maf1 the worms. This substance is present in the body of all animals, including humans. Maf1 is responsible for the level of other proteins. As it turned out, the possibilities are not exhausted. Studies show the influence of Maf1 in the regulation of fat metabolism.

Information on the link between Maf1 and metabolism of proteins was a renowned scientist, and his activity in respect of fats has been confirmed in recent studies. Protein controls the amount of proteins and fats in the body. Scientists plan to use the substance as a medicinal basis for new drugs against obesity.

The discovery was made during experiments with laboratory animals. If you create a genome with an extra copy of the gene encoding Maf1, the number of lipids falls on the third. When suppressing the activity of the protein amount of fat is increased by 94%. Also there is a possibility that the protein acts as an anti-cancer defenses to protect the internal organs from cancer.

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