Scientists have found a protein that helps in the treatment of cancer

Swedish scientists have discovered a protein that exerts a retarding influence on the formation of cancerous tumors. The first tests have confirmed the effectiveness of the substance, to date, scientists plan to conduct clinical trials and hope for their success.

The method investigated a group of scientists from five higher education institutions in Sweden. A research group led by specialists from the Karolinska Institute. In addition, the Institute participated in the discovery of a protein molecule has attended the Academy of Sahlgrenska University of Gothenburg, University of Uppsala, University of linköping and Stockholm University.

MTH1 protein prolongs the life of cancer cells and helps her to survive. Protein allows you to avoid compromising the integrity of the genetic material and cell death. Based on this information, scientists have developed inhibitor of protein MTH1, which reduces the synthesis of protective substances and opens a cancerous tumor to destroy the human immune system and drugs.

Note that the inhibitor acts on all types of tumours. This is an extremely useful property, since the tumor in the same organ may be a metastasis from another part of the body.

Of course, the project is at an early stage, scientists need a lot of work. Clinical trials are planned for 2015-2015 year.

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